TAG-015 Grenade Launcher

Take the TAGinn™ Projectile line to the next level with the TAG-015 Grenade Launcher!

If you have any questions about the TAG-015 Grenade Launcher please give us a call at 713-426-5689 or email us at sales@cqcent.com!


The TAG-015 AK Grenade Launcher is a 'Shell-less' launcher that fires TAGinn™ projectiles directly without the need of the Launcher Shell, with it's rifled TAGinn™ barrel. The TAG-015 is modeled after the GP-25/GP-30 Grenade Launchers used on the Kalashnikov AK series. It attaches to the front of most airsoft AK style rifles and includes a leaf sight for aiming the launcher. It is powered by a single 12gr Co2 cartridge that can be replaced in seconds. The TAG-015 can fire 10-12 shots off one Co2 cartridge! This system offers an incredible realistic launching system for the TAGinn™ line of projectiles to increase immersion for training or airsoft. 

Included with the TAG-015 are:

TAG-015 Launcher with gas tube and hand guard assembly

2x Picatinny side rails for mounting other attachments

Repair Kit

TAGinn™ Morale Patch

User Manual


Data sheet

Body Material
1 x TAG-015 Shell-less Grenade Launcher / 1 x Repair "First aid" kit. / 2 x Side Picattiny rails / 1 x Gas tube and handguard assembly.
Special QRC (Quick Reload Chamber)
2 Side Picatinny Rails

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