Shell Launching Device (Green Gas)

Designed with law enforcement and military training in mind, this is the standard launcher shell for TAGinn™ products.

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The launching shells are made for throwing our projectiles from paintball and airsoft launchers without any modifications. We have upgrades and modifications for the launchers, but it is not necessary. The ballistics trajectory of the polyurethane projectiles launched from “Shell” is similar to a real one, but it doesn't have enough energy to hurt player/trainee because its light weight. Strike of a projectile is similar to the strike of a paint ball. Accordingly, all players have to be equipped respectively.


The Shell” is composed with two main parts:

1. The launching base

2. Rifled barrel


The Launching base is a gas tank with a releasing mechanism similar to a regular airsoft shower grenades. It can be filled by green gas through a standard valve.


The rifled barrel spins and aligns a projectile to stabilize it on its trajectory.


Data sheet

5 Inches
Green Gas
Body Material
40mm (1.57in)