Shell-VOG - Launching Device for GP-25/GP-30 Launchers

Players with GP-25/GP-30 airsoft grenade launchers don't have to miss out on TAGinn™!

If you have any questions about the Shell-VOG Launching Device please give us a call at 713-426-5689 or email us at!

TAGinn™ has truly thought of everything and this shows with the VOG Shell! This is a specially designed shell that is compatible with standard airsoft GP-25/GP-30 style grenade launchers that take the Russian-style shells rather than the NATO style 40mm airsoft grenades. It operates the same as the standard Launcher Shell and Shell-PRO. It has an inlet valve at the base that you can charge with Green Gas and the same rifled barrel for the TAGinn™ projectiles.

Those players with GP-25 or GP-30 airsoft grenade launchers don't have to miss out on the incredible TAGinn™ projectile system! 


Data sheet

4.5 Inches
Green Gas
Body Material
Full Metal Base, Polymer Rifled Shell
Special design increases gas efficiency
Compatible with GP25-style under-barrel launchers
40mm (1.57in)

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