Shell Pro - CO2 Launching Device

The Shell-PRO can perform in the toughest conditions for training or play!


TAGinn™ has introduced their heavy duty launching device - Shell-PRO™. Made of full CNC steel for the pneumatic mechanism, and with the same durable aviation polymer barrel, this launching device is designed specifically for military and law enforcement training, as well as being able to hande rigorous MilSim gameplay. The Shell-PRO is powered by Co2, which is charged by using the TAGinn™ FiSt Filling Station. Being powered by Co2 gives the Shell-PRO consistent performance and the ability to operate in cold temperatures. The Shell-PRO can operate under almost any conditions and perform to the operator's needs!

The FiSt Filling Station is REQUIRED to charge the Shell-PRO!

Data sheet

5 Inches
12g CO2 Cartridge
Body Material
Usable in weather up to -10°C
40mm (1.57in)

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