ML-36 Grenade Launcher

The ML-36 Grenade Launcher is an ultra realistic grenade launcher for Airsoft!

The ML-36 Grenade Launcher is the most realistic Airsoft grenade launcher on the market! It fires the new MK2 projectiles that are fitteed with the new re-usable ammunition casings to make a realistic launching grenade shell. The launcher fires the projectile, and then ejects the empty plastic casing to be re-used. This creates a realistic reload function never seen before in airsoft!

You also no longer need the launching devices, the ML-36 simply takes the projectiles directly and is powered from a 12g Co2 cartridge in the leaf sight. This allows for rapid reloading and firing without having to recharge and reset launching shells. The ML-36 can fire 8-10 shots or more from one Co2 cartridge, which is housed in the leaf sight that is sighted for 50-150 meters. 

It is lightweight and can mount to any 20mm rails, as well as an available standalone chassis from TAGinn.

The ML-36 is the pinnacle of Airsoft grenade launcher technology!

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