Trainer Dummy Projectile Set of 10

The Trainer round helps you get practice in before using up other TAGinn™ projectiles. 

If you have any questions about the Trainer Non-Marking Dummy Projectile please give us a call at 713-426-5689 or email us at!



The TAGinn™ line of training and airsoft projectiles offers an amazing simulation system that takes training, airsoft, and paintball to the next level. This is the Trainer round, which is a hard foam projectile with an off-white coloration. This is the practice round - upon impact, the round simply bounces off and is ready for re-use. The Trainer can be fired potentially hundreds of times before having to be discarded, this of course depends on the targets it strikes, the distance it is fired from, and the propellant force. The Trainer is a non-pyrotechnic product which makes it easy to ship and safe to use in areas that may not allow pyrotechnics.

This does not mean that there are not safety concerns with the Trainer round. It is NOT meant to be fired at training operators, players, animals, or other live targets. Firing a Trainer at a human being or animal could cause injury. This is a training round that is meant to directly impact a hard surface such as a building, vehicle, or other hard target. The trainer does not burst or break apart upon impact, in fact it is designed to stay together rather than break. That being said, firing the Trainer at a live target would be a poor safety decision.

The Trainer is a great low cost round to help operators or players hone their accuracy and skills before using up the other projectiles in the TAGinn™ line which are one time use only.


The Trainer round is NOT for firing on personnel or animals. Injury can occur if the Trainer is fired at a live target.

CQC Enterprises is not responsible for injuries caused by the projectile being fired at a live target such as a human being or an animal of any kind.

The Trainer is not designed to burst upon impact or break upon impact. Firing the projectile at a close-range target could cause dents, cracks, or other types of damage at close range hard targets such as automobiles, walls, doors, or other types of hard targets.

CQC Enterprises is not responsible for damage caused to any target this projectile is fired upon. Use at your own risk and know the target you are firing at and the distance at which you are firing from.


Data sheet

3.75 Inches
Grenade Type
Dummy Grenade
Grenade Trigger
White / Black
10x Training Grenades
Can be reused depending on its condition
40mm (1.57in)



Download (5.49M)

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