R2B Paintball Hand Grenade Set of 6

The R2B Paintball grenade is the most realistic and effective hand grenade available for training and Paintball!

If you have any questions about the R2B Paintball Grenade please give us a call at 713-426-5689 or email us at sales@cqcent.com!


The R2B Grenade series is a revolutionary new product for training and the tactical games world. This is the Paintball variant, the R2B, which contains 50 caliber Paintballs for it's 'fragmentation'. The R2B operation is almost identical to that of any other hand grenade out there. You pull the pin, release the safety lever, and the grenade will detonate in 3-4 seconds. 

All parts, includes safety lever, made of extremely safe polyurethane material, making the grenade virtually harmless whether the detonation is 30 feet from you or 3 feet from. There is of course a noise safety hazard, so proper hearing protection must be worn at all times. As always, eye protection should always be worn when training or playing with any kind of projectile device and that includes R2B grenade.

The R2B series will not start fires or burn the operator and even if there were to be a pre-mature detonation in the operator's hand, these grenades have been tested to be safe even in a failure situation like that. As long as the operator is wearing proper eye and ear protection, there is nothing to fear with the R2B line.

CAUTION! – This is a pyrotechnic grenade. Make sure that pyrotechnics are lawful to use in your local area. 

Always wear the eye and ear protection!

You must be over 18 to purchase or use pyrotechnics. It can be used only in game arenas, training locations, or sanctioned paintball/airsoft fields. 


Data sheet

5 Inches
Grenade Type
Grenade Trigger
Body Material
6x R2B Paintball Hand Grenades
2 Stage Ignition System
2.25 inches

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